Travellers are now required to wear a face mask during trans-Tasman flights.

Many passports have expired in the last twelve months. Update your New Zealand passport here. If travelling with the family especially note the children’s passport expiries.

There will be ‘online paperwork’ to complete. Subject to final confirmation there will be traveller declarations required to enter Australia and return to New Zealand. These are being finalised. 

Literally everyone is out of Duty-Free Gin, Brandy, your favourite tipple or perfume. Don’t fear, all travellers will receive their Duty-Free Discount Voucher with your e-tickets. For our Corporate Serko Zeno online users please ask our Team to send the Discount Voucher for your travellers.

Be checked-in 2 hours prior to departure. We believe staffing levels are still low at airports (both airline and customs) so expect queues, random health check lines, delays caused by travellers without correct documentation (didn’t book with a Travel Agent!).

Travel insurers in general will cover you if you catch Covid 19 and have to hospitalise or quarantine whilst abroad. If you haven’t caught C19 but are delayed by a lockdown, most insurers do not cover you if your flights have been cancelled due to unexpected lockdowns and extended stays whilst abroad.


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