It’s true that we’ve all had our wings significantly clipped making us truly aligned with our national bird, but it doesn’t mean we have to be completely flightless! There is now plenty of domestic flights and a couple more international airlines have returned to our shores. Check our Airline update below.

We’ve been delighted to see so many clients return to their ‘almost normal’ domestic business travel schedule since our June ATPI News. This is good news for them, protecting and enhancing their business relationships and profit through live engagement, but additionally the movement of business travellers around New Zealand is also great for the economy in general. Our airline, car rental and hotel partners are all delighted at the positivity and were ahead of budgets for June. We can also see that the airline schedule cuts were too dramatic and demand is greater than availability on most routes.

Discussions with both our Corporate and Private Clients suggest that there is a significant appetite for international travel to safe destinations – provided we don’t have a two-week quarantine on return. It’s disappointing that politicking and electioneering is compromising the informed discussion and progress on the subject of a sustainable future alternative.

Keep dreaming, we’re ready when you are!

Grant Bevin, Managing Director