We’re strongly encouraging our clients to ensure that your New Zealand domestic and Australian business travel for January through to Easter 2020 is locked in now! Our business travellers compete with what is expected to be a record tourist season – the harsh truth is that accommodation and car rental suppliers earn far more from tourists than business travellers so we’re starting from behind the eight ball! Even if your business trip may only be tentative let’s have our team book now with refundable airfares, rental cars and accommodation arrangements – aside from the obvious economics in booking in advance, you secure your preferred hotel and car rental provider plus its easier for us to cancel arrangements if the trip doesn’t proceed, as opposed to finding these at short notice. Any internal company meetings or training trips (as distinct from client related trips) should be confirmed now. Business travel can cost around 50-100% more January to Easter. Call your Regional Travel team this week to secure your Q1/2020 Domestic and Tasman Travel!

Keep an eye out in the next week when we deliver our 2020 Calendar of Events. This will allow you to plot your concert going, sports fixture or school holiday planning for 2020! Conversely it’ll allow better planning of your business travel and conferences to avoid those hotspots! Add the excellent Cruise Schedule into the mix; the Ports of AKL calendar outlines the dates when there are significant cruise turnaround activities in Auckland – when hotel rates are usually at a premium. 

Grant Bevin, Managing Director