Trans-Tasman travel is now available without the requirement to have a 14-day quarantine upon your return. Travellers can depart anytime from now but returning from Monday 19 April means new freedoms! 

We appreciate you booking your Australian business trip or holiday getaway with us! Because you receive our newsletter we know we are mostly preaching to the converted, but our simple message to self-bookers is that Tasman travel will not be without complications – first and foremost is that we will get 72 hour lock-downs at short notice. If you want to get back home asap, when booking directly with an airline, there is nobody there to support you! Innumerable self-help travellers have found this out in the last 12 months - if you go into a lock down, good luck to you! If you can get through to your airline then the wait-time is 3 or more hours, then invariably you’re cut off.

Conversely, our Clients who have booked with us can phone one of our team, we’ll answer the phone, we can reissue your ticket to an earlier flight home, or cancel and refund your flight in a jiffy. Please pass the message to your friends and family! Without a travel agent, you’re on your own.

Grant Bevin, Managing Director